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Esprecious 21 is equipped with 2 coffee grinders and one mixer for dry mixes (optional chocolate, dry milk) Intuitive touch screen control for easy o...
Ex Tax:4,499.00€
with VAT (21%):  5,443.79€
The Soul of coffee in restaurants and coffee barsThe best FoamTM is suitable for 200 different beverage configurations.Large bean container with a cap...
Ex Tax:7,499.00€
with VAT (21%):  9,073.79€
Esprecious 11 with fresh milk is for sale from May 2017, equipped with 1 coffee grinder and one mixer for dry mixes (optional chocolate, dry milk). I...
Ex Tax:4,399.00€
with VAT (21%):  5,322.79€
Brand: Stalgast Model: L773001
Gas cooker with one ring, suitable for wok preparation....
Ex Tax:352.50€
with VAT (21%):  426.53€
Brand: Stalgast Model: L979611
Professional gas cooker with six rings 3.5 3x5 2x7 kW 700 series. When choosing a gas stove, please indicate what kind of gas you use natural or prop...
Ex Tax:1,497.00€
with VAT (21%):  1,811.37€
Brand: TEFCOLD Model: CW3-P-V
Built-in cold chafing dish 3 GN1/1, designed for storing and serving snacks, salads, drinks. The BHS DROP IN showcase provides convenient customer ser...
Ex Tax:1,002.00€
with VAT (21%):  1,212.42€
Brand: OTHER Model: FPRF800
High surface 2GN 1/1 made of stainless steel. Comfortable and transparent beverages, desserts, fruits, .... . Temperature mode 0 / +4 Possible colors...
Ex Tax:2,429.00€
with VAT (21%):  2,939.09€
Brand: TEFCOLD Model: LPD900F-P
Stainless steel and gloss black glass frame. LED light under each shelf. Adjustable shelves. Double glazed glass / front anti mist. Rear glass sliding...
Ex Tax:1,766.00€
with VAT (21%):  2,136.86€
Brand: Stalgast Model: L844540
Bar showcase made of stainless steel with glass protecting cup 5 GN1/4. 4-side glass housing. Electronic controller with temperature display. Auto def...
Ex Tax:781.50€
with VAT (21%):  945.62€
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